We live on a carbon planet. We are carbon life. We have a carbon problem. This blog post is a description of what I am trying to do here at the Carbon Caudex.

The Carbon Caudex is a collection of writings by Erika C. Freeman and colleagues that discuss carbon in Earth’s ecosystems. We have characterized millions of carbon compounds, yet we have only just begun to explore the richness of carbon chemistry. There are many fundamental biological and ecological mysteries that remain inextricably linked to the behaviours of carbon.

Caudex. A stem or rootstock of a plant. Here I try to index a swirling collection of thoughts. I tinker with, collate, disseminate, and share understanding of the root, or caudex, of the carbon cycle and the carbon problem on planet earth.

This webpage also contains several short essays and how-tos on other (mostly) related topics including: microbiology, botany, electronics, coding, remote sensing, the philosophy of science, logic and reasoning, statistics, and the occasional interlude of real-life stories, opinion and ethnobotany.

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