• Climate Policy and Defining Change - musings from a pedant

    Most are familiar, at least vaguely, with the concept of climate change and the undeniable human drivers thereof. However, oft glazed over is a reflection upon the precise meaning of change in this context.

  • Chromatography stemming from plant sciences

    Chromatography, in its various forms, has become one of the most widely used analytical separation techniques in chemistry and biochemistry earning early developers of this technique A.J.P Martin and R.L.M Synge the 1952 Nobel Prize in Chemistry1. Chromatography is an incredibly important tool in the carbon scientist’s toolkit. Especially for someone like me that is trying to understand how specific fractions of the carbon pool cycle through ecosystems and how carbon diversity fits into a unfiied ecological theory. This is an interesting story about where this method came from.

  • Why a blog? A personal note.

    This blog promises to create a mental kaleidoscope out of ideas I have encountered. Probably mostly wrong. Maybe some interesting and curious combinations. This is a post about why I am doing it.

  • The Carbon Caudex

    We live on a carbon planet. We are carbon life. We have a carbon problem. This blog post is a description of what I am trying to do here at the Carbon Caudex.

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